Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No Joy In Yankee Land

Amid the news of an investigation by Curtis Sliwa into ticket sales and ticket pricing, the Yankees are away in Toronto. In this day of satellite TV and radio it is doubtful that they have not heard of the and investigation; the question is whether it will add to the Yankee woes as they face the first place Blue Jays.

Tonight should be billed as a pitcher's ego battle with A.J. Burnett going up against Roy Halladay, his former Blue Jay teammate. Unfortunately while Halladay is 6-1 in 7 starts, while Burnett is 2-0, with 4 no decisions, in 6 starts. Burnett's best outing was April 14 against Tampa Bay and it has all been a a roller coaster ride since.

The Yankees still appear to have gotten hosed in the Burnett deal as they appear to have gotten a 12-10 pitcher and not an 18-10 pitcher. The pitching deals for several years have been called by Brian Cashman; and the current state of the Yankees tell me it is time for change from the top down. Cashman need to go!

The consistent overspending of the Yankees has only had two positive results, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. Cashman can be credited for Carl Pavano, Kevin Brown, as well as other lackluster pitching and batting dogs; and not resigning Bernie William when he still had a good numbers left in his bat. Instead Cashman has shopped for hired guns; and the Yankees are still sitting at # 26; with escalating ticket prices and fans finally flipping the team the bird on overpriced seats.

Wake up Tampa, it is time for a change!

I anxiously await what this Curtis Sliwa investigation into Yankee ticketing will unvail. Sliwa is not like other talkies in radio is not all mouth. While the News, Post and most of sports talk radio covered the ticket issues earlier this year; it was all talk. Sliwa apparently has been digging and obtaining facts. Another reason the Yankee organization should be concerned is that Sliwa has political pull.

Will the Yankee win tonight; probably not. Will they be embarrassed in the ticket investigation, probably so. The Yankee woes are not over, and the only route to fixing them is to make a lot of changes, changes in management, changes in ticketing. The Yankees are sucked dry of positive energy and about to go into negative numbers.

Add to Yankee woes the dominating Red Soxs and the rapid maturity of the Blue Jays, Ray, and O's. It's only May, and without change, the Yankees are becoming a third place contender istead of the leader.


The Great Frank said...

Why do you even print anything about Sliwa? He is an admitted degenerate liar and media shyster!As if he can do anything about prices at the Stadium? I happen to know an usher at the Garden. Sliwa came in one night with his stooges in their stupid berets and shirts. He told the usher he wanted to be seated. The usher said he needed tickets. Dirtbag Sliwa said, "do you know who I am"? The usher said, "Sir, you still need a ticket". Sliwa threatened to get him fired and said he knows the Dolans". The usher then said to see his supervisor". This lowlife media shyster didn't care about this man's livelyhood, only to get free seats, and use his "name" to get it! He is a media whore,vampire, and leech, who sucks on the public's stupidity to believe anything the says is true! Don't waste space on this degenerate liar who admitted to such in court. Send this pail of media medical waste that washes up everywhere back to the sewers of Canarsie Brooklyn where he crawled out of!