Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RIP George M. Steinbrenner

George Steinbrenner

Geore Steinbrenner changed sports. His two good qualities as a owner was he demand of excellence and his treatment of sports as a business. While Steinbrenner did a lot of good for baseball, he did more wrong.

He was not the most successful Yankee owner. The Topping/Webster Era (20 years) in the between 1945 and 1964 was the most successful, bringing home 15 American League Championships and 10 World Series Championships Ruppert Ownership , second to that was the Ruppert Era (30 years) resulted in 14 American League Championships and 10 World Series Championships. The George Steinbrenner era only resulted in 10 American League Championships and 7 World Series Championships in 37 years

Modern sportswriters are praising George Steinbrenner today. Those writers like the athletes that benefitted from Steinbrenner’s ownership of the Yankees rose in salary structure from his management. But his management also impacted on the fans. As Steinbrenner forever changed sports with higher and higher salaries, media also paid their best sportswriters and sportscasters to cover those athletes. Baseball has no salary cap because of George Steinbrenner’s influence. Steinbrenner would prefer to spend what he could afford.

The passing of George Steinbrenner is an end of a Yankee Era, however Steinbrenner while the most infamous owner is not in the top 100 Yankee people. He pales behind Hall of Famers, and two more successful owner groups who actually enhanced baseball.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bob Shepard

Bob Sheppard was the voice of my Yankees, when retired in 2009, he was replaced by Paul Olden, but Bob Sheppard’s voice can never be replaced. His voice was truly one of a kind, but his voice was not his only achievement. Bob represented the true American, a person who just did the right thing but being a regular American was not his calling. Bob Sheppard became an international recognized regular American Joe.

Sheppard long nicknamed the voice of God, never sought the limelight. He took a job as sports announcer to bring extra income to is family, never realizing it would bring him international notoriety.

Sheppard could have been anything he became a teacher. He served his country in World War II, and. In 1951 he became a Yankee Stadium announcer, announcing for both the Giants and NY York Yankees, but it was his baseball role that pushed him into public address immortality.

Sheppard worked for the Yankee for 58 years to, during double duty with the New Giants until 2005, when his health started to catch up with him. He devoted the rest of his time to the Yankees. His microphone was retired, it is enshrined in Cooperstown. A Bronze plaque sits in Monument, placed there by the Yankees in May 2000.

Sheppard witnessed some of the greatest athletes play baseball, hall of famers: Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Bill Dickey, Whitey Ford Goose Gossage, Phil Rizzuto, Catfish Hunter, Dave Williams, Ted Williams, Wade Boggs, and Casey Stengel. He announced and witnessed the Yankees winning 13 of World Series and 22 American League titles.

There will never be another Bob Sheppard, but we can strive to be like him. Not necessarily the voice of the Yankees, but a good person, who does well for all.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A NYY Fan In Red Sox Land

Since December I have been on the I-95 NJ to MA shuffle. I still am on this project, and now it is baseball season. Its one thing to be in Boston for a NYY-Soxs game; there are dozens, hundreds of other Yankee fans. However its another to be there during baseball season when the Yanks are not in town:

Some notations about living, albeit temporarily in Red Sox Nation:

  1. There are plenty of stores selling Red Sox stuff, the closest location to find anything NYY is the rest stop on the Mass Pike. There you can find a NYY decal for your car, enabling the National to find you easier and harass you more frequently. Even teh local CVS and Staples is pandering to the Red Sox fan.
  2. The Subways sell large plastic drink cups emblezzaned with the Red Sox logo, forcing me to negotiate for 2 regular size paper cups so I don't have to drink out of Red Sox cup. The Dunkin Donuts sells Red Soxs travel mugs.
  3. The News did show the highlights of opening day at Yankee Stadium, not to humor NYY fans, but because it was Opening Day for the World Series Champs.
  4. Anything Yankee on you draws the attentionof others, as if you were walking down the street naked.
  5. Yankee baseball, if they are not playing the Soxs is limited to MLB TV on your PC.

I am hoping this project is over soon, so I can get back to my NYY life.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And the Circus Came to Town - Twice

While basically a baseball blog which I have been to busy to regularly post to; I do at times feel the need to comment on news notes.

Like many I was surprised at the death of Michael Jackson on June 25. However I did not drop to my knees and cry hysterically. He was another death of a celebrity. In death like in life Michael courted the bizarre. As a child he was truly gifted, a prodigy for his advanced musical and performing talents. As an adult he seemed disturbed. Whether he reverted mentally to be a child as an adult or was suffering from the drugs and other mental health issues, he was still talented beyond most performers.

Drugs can change the addict's behavior and personality. I have witnessed that firsthand with members of my own family. Clearly much of the bizarre that surrounded the adult Michael Jackson can be credited to his drug addiction.

In the end, the talented performed died of drug overdose. No one can deny he was talented, but not many have brought to light that had he not been abusing drugs, he mights still be alive.

In death as in life Michael was the showman. Fitting his funeral and memorial turned into a circus, Michael's last 20 years were also much of a circus, often overshadowing his accomplishments and talent. Even more fitting as the wer holding Michael's memeorial today in the Staple Center, tomorow they will opening the real circus. Ringling Bros's opens Wednesday at the Staple Center.

Michaell had talent, but what I tell my young relatives, is all the talent in the world can't help you when you are on drugs. He was a genius and he was a drug addict; and in the end the drugs killed him. Another talented life wrecked by drug abuse.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Batting A, Pitching C

Alright Yankee fans, stop applauding the Yankee position in the AL East and start looking at pitching. While there has been a slight improvement in pitching, that improvement is from a grade of C- to a C. C pitching won't get you to the big show in the Fall.

Don't believe Me Observe the grades for the regular Yankee Starters. Pitiful!!!

One interesting fact these number say that Joba should be kept a starter.
No matter, the Yankees are winning with smoke and mirros and not the pitching staff.

Friday, June 12, 2009

0-8 and Off to Interleague We Go

The only thing I like about interleague is the Yankees-Mets and Cubs-White Soxs series. The rest of Interleague could be cut for all I care. What makes those games interesting, cross town rivalries.

As for Interleague, I predict highs and lows. The NY Mets actually have a decent team compromised by bouts of illness and injuries. Last year they had the Yankees number, and this year this year they could do the same. The Yankees also play the Atlanta Braves, another team that will give them trouble. Fortunately to balance this off the Yanks face the Nats and the Marlins.

No back to the the Yankees inability to beat Boston.......

I want all of the Red Soxs tesetd for HCG, and yes their is a blood test. I doubt the Red Soxs are stupid enough to be on steroids, then again they are a team know for their idiots; but all that Red Sox bulky power did not come from the weight room. Come on guys roll up your sleeves and fill the marble top tube.

Why do I thin the Soxs are on drugs? I am not a sore loser, I am just a careful observer. The Soxs have bulked up, that bulking is stopping the Yankees from garnering one win in 8 games. Statistically for the Yankees this is not probable. Time to drug test Boston.

While the season is more than a 1/3rd over, for all intents Boston is on its way to be the clear American League East winner. Why, because the Yankees can't beat them.

Boston is 20-8 in the East, 10-4 in the Central and 5-10 in the West. The Yankees are 12-16 in the East, 13-5 in the Central and 8-3 in the West. Do the math, if the Yankees don't start beating Boston, they will again start vacation in 104 games.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Can We Beat Boston?

I've been quiet lately, I was busy and the Bombers weren't really worth talking about. Yes they won and A-Rod was back, but look back at the wins. Not much to get excited about.

The Yankees who have been playing .660 ball the last 3 weeks are facing the acid test, the Boston Red Soxs. So far they are failing the test. Last night shut out 7-0 and tonight they working toward another loss.

The Red Soxs, the rival, the nemesis, have the Yankees number so far this year. The Yankees if they continue are down 6-3 in the 6th and on their way to loss # 7 this year out of GAD, 7 games played.

So explain those Yankee wins away, right. Wrong The Yankees played AA teams disguised as Major League Clubs. Of the Twins, Indians, O's Rays, Jays and Rangers we have this:
Twins - pitching mediocre due to loss of star talent in Off season, Mauer can't bat the team to victory
Indians - MLB Team with pitching staff on life support due to injuries and infectious disease.
Orioles - Can't bat as well as the Yankee......yet
Rays - Yankees saw their lesser pitchers who are no use to pitching in rain.
Jays - It's still Hockey season, it's hard to play to an empty house.
Rangers - Not back on roids...yet

The only hopefully win the Yankees managed was against the Phillies, the hope of a team improving.

It's now the top of the 7th and the Yankees have closed to 6-5. Phil Hughes is pitching and if he continues we could pull out a win. I am hopeful because Hughes can go long and Boston is out of solid relief except for Papelbon. IF stupidity does not descend on Joe G and his staff I could go to sleep a happy lady.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No Joy In Yankee Land

Amid the news of an investigation by Curtis Sliwa into ticket sales and ticket pricing, the Yankees are away in Toronto. In this day of satellite TV and radio it is doubtful that they have not heard of the and investigation; the question is whether it will add to the Yankee woes as they face the first place Blue Jays.

Tonight should be billed as a pitcher's ego battle with A.J. Burnett going up against Roy Halladay, his former Blue Jay teammate. Unfortunately while Halladay is 6-1 in 7 starts, while Burnett is 2-0, with 4 no decisions, in 6 starts. Burnett's best outing was April 14 against Tampa Bay and it has all been a a roller coaster ride since.

The Yankees still appear to have gotten hosed in the Burnett deal as they appear to have gotten a 12-10 pitcher and not an 18-10 pitcher. The pitching deals for several years have been called by Brian Cashman; and the current state of the Yankees tell me it is time for change from the top down. Cashman need to go!

The consistent overspending of the Yankees has only had two positive results, Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. Cashman can be credited for Carl Pavano, Kevin Brown, as well as other lackluster pitching and batting dogs; and not resigning Bernie William when he still had a good numbers left in his bat. Instead Cashman has shopped for hired guns; and the Yankees are still sitting at # 26; with escalating ticket prices and fans finally flipping the team the bird on overpriced seats.

Wake up Tampa, it is time for a change!

I anxiously await what this Curtis Sliwa investigation into Yankee ticketing will unvail. Sliwa is not like other talkies in radio is not all mouth. While the News, Post and most of sports talk radio covered the ticket issues earlier this year; it was all talk. Sliwa apparently has been digging and obtaining facts. Another reason the Yankee organization should be concerned is that Sliwa has political pull.

Will the Yankee win tonight; probably not. Will they be embarrassed in the ticket investigation, probably so. The Yankee woes are not over, and the only route to fixing them is to make a lot of changes, changes in management, changes in ticketing. The Yankees are sucked dry of positive energy and about to go into negative numbers.

Add to Yankee woes the dominating Red Soxs and the rapid maturity of the Blue Jays, Ray, and O's. It's only May, and without change, the Yankees are becoming a third place contender istead of the leader.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Bird Problems

The much anticipated arrival of A-rod was as predicted, useless. Yes he homered on the first pitch of his first at bat and put the Yankees in the lead; but he has not done much since Friday night.

Friday night's win was all about pitching. A complete game shutout by C.C. Sabathia, finally something to justify his $23,000,000 a year salary. Friday was what the fans anticipated since the C.C. signing.

However Saturday was ugly. Hughes didn't last and when he was finally pulled in the 2nd, it was too late. The Yanks were down 8-0 and would never come back.

Sunday got interesting with the Yanks down 3-1 at the end of the first Inning. However great plates performances by Johnny Damon took the Yanks to a 5-3 victory and allowed them to escape to Toronto with a winning series in Baltimore.

This leads to the next series with the Blue Jays. The Yanks are in Toronto for 3, with shaky but adequate catching, and players who notorious play poorly on the artificial surface in Toronto, A-Rod being one of those players.

A-Rod who is now batting 0.143; despite the crowning of his godliness by the Yes Network's Michaela Kay and many other sportswriters after his home run Friday night. A-Rod, who I have watched careful this past series is not playing defenses at MLB level. He should be sent to Trenton or Scranton for more work. His presence in the lineup does not add numbers to the boards, and impairs the Yankees ability to play an effective 3rd baseman. He clearly is not aggressively fielding, and was lucky to have Derek Jeter as the shortstop. Jeter clearly was playing both his and A-Rod's postion all weekend.

Heads up A-Rod, Rogers Centre is bigger than Camden Yards, and Jeter won't be able to carry you on his back fro another series. Move it or lose it.